Sunday School: Elder-Led Congregationalism (Pt. 7)

The Advantages of Elder-Led Congregationalism

• It demands that elders equip the saints with a robust understanding of the gospel so that the members can guard the what and who of the gospel.

• It foments congregational fellowship insofar as doing their job requires church members to know and take responsibility for one another. Every member must take responsibility for other individuals, and every member must take responsibility for the whole.

• It strengthens the Christian mind because Christians must know their doctrine in order to guard it.

• Contrary to expectations, it teaches congregations to submit to their leaders.

• All this helps protect the gospel over time.

• It encourages the elders to know and disciple and spend time with the people.

• It encourages the elders to live in a trustworthy manner.

• It clarifies the church’s witness and strengthens every member for outreach.

• Insofar as it puts the work of ministry into the hands of ordinary lay people, it contextualizes a church’s ministry.