In the House of his Father

  • Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017
  • Speaker: John Bell
  • Series: Luke
  • Scripture: Luke 2:39–2:52

The Dual Nature of Christ: the eternal Son of God took to himself a truly human nature. By means of Mary’s virginal conception, God the Son, without ceasing to be who he is – the second Person of the Holy Trinity, the eternal Son and Word of God  - took into union with his divine nature, in the one divine Person of the Son, our human nature. And so will it be for all eternity. Christ’s divine and human natures remain distinct and retain their own properties, yet they are eternally and inseparably united together in one person.


 Big Picture: Jesus recognizes his unique sonship to God and that his mission will require of him a devotion to God's purposes so great that it takes precedence over the closest family ties. He must follow his calling, even if it brings pain and misunderstanding. Jesus knows the reason why he has come, part of which revolves around teaching.