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A Kingdom of Children

July 30, 2017 Speaker: Hallam Willis Series: Guest Preacher

Passage: Matthew 17:24–18:14

Matthew 17:24–18:14

1. Jesus reorients our desires: we ought to desire being valued by God over being great to God (17:24–18:1)


2. Jesus offers us a picture of what God values most: the child in his disciples midst. The kingdom of heaven will have one king, one ruler, one father: we will all be the ruled, not the rulers; the children, not the parents. The kingdom of heaven will be a kingdom of children (18:2–5).


3. God places immense value on his people turning to him in absolute dependence. God values humble, faithful, child-like faith. We must take great care not to mislead one of these whom God values so highly! (18:6–14)

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