Sunday School: What is a Healthy Church? Pt. 5 Evangelism

Mark Five of a Healthy Church: a Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

 What Is Evangelism?

  • It Is Not Imposition
  • It Is Not Personal Testimony
  • It Is Not Apologetics
  • It Is Not the Results of Evangelism

Who Should Evangelize?

Why Should We Evangelize?

According to the Bible, good motives for evangelism include a desire to be obedient to the Great Commission (see Matt. 28:18–20; 1 Cor. 9:16–17); a love for the lost (e.g., Matt. 9:36; John 3:16; Rom. 10:1); and preeminently, a love for God.

How Should We Evangelize?

  1. Tell people with honesty that if they repent and believe, they will be saved—but it will be costly.
  2. Tell people with urgency that if they repent and believe, they will be saved—but they must decide now.
  3. Tell people with joy that if they repent and believe the good news, they will be saved. However difficult it may be, it is all worth it!
  4. Use the Bible.
  5. Realize that the lives of individual Christians and of the church as a whole are a central part of evangelism.
  6. Remember to pray.
  7. Build relationships with non-Christians.
  8. Work together with other Christians to take the gospel to those who don’t live around any Christians.
  9. Have a “ripe harvest” outlook, like Jesus (John 4)